Khadim Ceramics Ltd (KCL) is a pioneer in manufacturing of different type of clay products in Bangladesh. Established in 1995, Khadim Ceramics, based in Sylhet is a sister concern of the most reputed Mirpur Ceramic works Ltd. The company is well known for the production of architectural wall tiles, roof tiles, paving tiles and tile adhesive.


Nature has set the earth in rich tapestry for human architects to exploit. Khadim Ceramics Ltd, a sister concern of Mirpur Ceramic work Ltd, planning ahead for rapid urbanization, with tremendous pressure of population and human mind’s interests, is now scattered throughout Bangladesh with its matchless products which are widely popular and easily conceivable names in ceramic industries. The company aesthetically attaches its role to create a perception of peace and tranquility in every man’s imagination for building a good home in both exterior and interior design.


Khadim Ceramics prolific strength lies in its outstanding structural clay products. The company pride itself on its quality products, focusing on minimizing cost and maximizing the quality. The company has modern production line which complies with high standards of excellence helping them to retain their quality both home and abroad. The latest technology and quality control systems are used to continually improve processes and procedure, making it possible to offer the quality, the customers expect. The company has received many awards for its contribution in national promotion as well as exports in many countries.


The objectives of the company is to constantly upgrade and modernize its establishment in pace with the current trends. As such it has also introduced creative concept in its products to make it acceptable and adaptive to clients and environment respectively.


By the grace of the Almighty, the market pioneers, still after 25 years have the same unique place in the Bangladesh market.

Khadim Ceramics Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of quality and eco-friendly world-class structural clay products in Bangladesh. From our state of art factory situated in Sylhet, the company started its journey with a modern technology and machinery in 1995 as a sister concern of reputed Mirpur Ceramic work Ltd which was established in 1958 as a country first structural clay products manufacturer. Khadim Ceramics is uniquely placed to supply quality exterior & interior wall tiles, decorative tiles, Glazed & Non-Glazed Roof tiles and high strength pavers. The newly setup factory started manufacturing dry mortar to be used as Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout from 2011. The company has many sales and display centers and number of dealers in different locations of the country to meet the growing demand of the quality structural products. Recently, Khadim ceramics added a new unit to produce digital glazed wall tiles and roof tiles which have “High demand amongst all kind of customers in locally & internationally”. Late Ariff wali Mohamed Tabani and Late Rashid Wali Mohamed Tabani were the main founders of the industry hailing from a renowned business community popularity known in the subcontinent as Tabani family. The industry is now run by the family members of the founders.


Mr. Asif Ariff Tabani


Khadim Ceramics Ltd.

Mr. Sakif Ariff Tabani

Managing Director and Vice Chairman
Khadim Ceramics Ltd.

Engineer Ismail Faruque Chowdhury

Retired Major General & Former Engineer in Chief, Bangladesh Army & Excutive Director
Khadim Ceramics Ltd.

Mission: To excel in the field of ceramics and ensure that the products are of an outstanding quality that is value for money.


Vision: Khadim ceramics to be the nation’s most loved and respected brand. We are here to build a beautiful Bangladesh.


Values: Our values are carried forward by the parent company Mirpur Ceramics. Over 60 years, the pioneers in the ceramic industry we gracefully compete and provide the best for the nation and the international market. As we claim- our products are truly a lifetime investment.